Architecture Aluminum Profile

  Architecture aluminum profile mainly refers to wrought aluminum alloy of 1000 series (L1), 3000 series (LF2, LF21) and other series (LD2). As one the three largest markets for aluminum extrusion, architecture industry consumes 20 percent of global productivity of aluminum products. In some developing countries the figure even reaches to over 30 percent. Types of architecture aluminum profiles are increasing and upgrading year by year. There are colored aluminum, composite aluminum, window door extruded aluminium profile, aluminum boards etc. In China the profiles have been applied to walls, ceilings, windows, doors, interior&exterior decoration etc.

aluminum profile

  Features of architecture aluminum profiles are as follows. First, it has light weight and high strength. Aluminum alloy weighs only one third of steel of the same volume. Its strength, however, can totally compete with structure steel. Second, aluminum alloys are easy to be processed into various shapes to adapt to different joining processes. This enables architects to design building structures in the most economical way. Therefore, architecture aluminum profiles help to decrease weight and save material of buildings. What’s more, construction progress becomes faster because relative tasks for transportation and installation are also reduced. That proves to be especially cost-saving for remote regions without convenient transportation conditions. With beautiful gloss, excellent corrosion resistance, good heat and electricity conductivity and perfect anti-sound property, aluminum profiles can obtain diverse colors and designs after going through chemical processes.

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