Advantages of Aluminum Profile Extrusion over Steel as LED S

  At present LED lights of high power are most made of aluminum profile extrusion. There are extruded profiles, deep drawing profiles and punched profiles etc. In comparison with steel, aluminum profile extrusion has advantages of bigger heat conductivity coefficient, convenient processing, excellent corrosion resistance and lower cost.
aluminum profile extrusion

  As products giving off heat, LED lights requires a lot about heat conductivity. Aluminium has a heat conductivity coefficient of 237 while steel only 54. Therefore, aluminum profile extrusion can protect the light parts better by sending extra heat off efficiently. It’s of better mechanical properties and even small workshops are able to finish the processing work easily. Although this may mean non-uniform processing quality, prompt supply for large orders of led lights can be guaranteed. Further more, aluminium is endowed with good corrosion resistance. It reacts to oxygen quickly after being exposed to the air, during which a strong layer of aluminum oxide comes into being on the surface and acts as a protective layer against corrosive materials. If the aluminium profile extrusion is anodized, its corrosion resistance can be greatly strengthened. Anodized profiles can be painted with colors to realized various design styles. There are natural colors and metal colors. Natural colors include red, green, blue, brown etc., and metal colors include gold, silver, copper, titanium etc. Last but not least, aluminium have much lower cost than steel, which makes it overwhelming in competition with steel.

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