Aluminum Profile for Led Strip Lighting

  The aluminum profile for led strip lighting is mainly made of 6000 series of aluminum material, such as 6060, 6061, 6063 etc. Shapes comprise square, flat, round, hollow, oval, triangle, U-type, L-type, T-type, H-type etc. The profiles can be coated with almost any existing color, among which metal silver, champagne, black and white are the most frequently applied. In addition to color painting, the surface of the aluminum profile for led strip lighting can be treated with other methods like milling, anodizing, timbering, wood grain printing, polishing etc. Standard length generally includes 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m. The longest reaches 6 meters.
aluminum profile for led strip lighting

  The aluminum profile for led strip lighting are widely applied to sliding doors , windows, shutters, rollers, industrial curtain walls, partitions, kitchen cabinets etc. The covered lights are installed not only in walls and ceilings, but also in the ground where you may tread. Some hotels have stairs with led lights of romantic colors, which makes you feel cozy while walking along the stairs. The lights can also decorate plazas around fountains, because aluminum profiles are water proof.

  Usually heat treated, the aluminum profile for led strip lighting has good corrosion resistance, excellent strength and long service life. Haomei Aluminum is a professional aluminum profile manufacturer in China. We have over two decades of production history in the aluminum industry and ten years experience in export. Welcome to contact us at for more information!

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