What is extrusion

  What is extrusion? An extrusion, also know as a profile, refers to a solid metal structure of a certain shape and size. Extrusion can be divided into thousands of types applied in various areas, playing an irreplaceable role in metal rolling production. Profiles can be obtained by rolling, extruding and casting of steel, aluminium or other metals of required strength and elongation. The most frequently applied are steel extrusion and aluminium extrusion. Sections of these extrusions display certain given shapes. Extrusions are applied alone or further processed into products. An aluminium profile manufacturer sets diameters of material, shape, temper and mechanical properties, cuts an extrusion into the desired shape and size and finishes the extrusion with further steps like heat treatment or surface treatment. Owing to diversity of profiles in shape and sizes, aluminium profile manufacturers usually ask clients to supply drawings before getting into the production step.
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  There are many classification methods for extrusions, and here are three of them.

  (1) Classification by Manufacturing Method

  According to the manufacturing method, the profiles can be divided into hot-rolled profiles, cold-formed profiles, cold-rolled profiles, cold-drawn profiles, extruded profiles, forged profiles, hot-bent profiles, welded profiles and special rolled profiles.

  (2) Classification by Section Characteristics

  Profiles can be divided into simple section profiles and complex section profiles according to their cross-sectional shape. The cross-section of the simple section profile is symmetrical, uniform and simple, such as round steel, wire, square steel and silicon steel. Complex section profiles are characterized by a distinct convex-concave branch in cross section. Therefore, it can be further divided into flange profiles, multi-step profiles, wide and thin profiles, partially special processed profiles, irregular curved profiles, composite profiles, periodic section profiles and wire materials, and the like.

  (3) Classification by Application

  By application there are rail profiles (rails, fishplates, ballast rails, wheels, aluminum tires), automotive profiles (rims, aluminum tire retainers and lock rings), shipbuilding profiles (L-beams, balls) Flat steel, Z-shaped steel, marine window frame steel), structural and architectural profiles (H-beam, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, crane rail, aluminium window extrusions, steel sheet pile, aluminium profile kitchen, etc.) , mining steel (U-shaped steel, channel steel, mining I-beam, scraper steel, etc.), machinery manufacturing profiles.

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