Aluminum Profile for Led Strip

  Like aluminum extrusion of other applications, aluminum profile for led strip is usually of 6000 series, among which 6063 is the most popular. The profile can be further classified into 5 types in accordance with specific applications: U-shaped aluminum profile, V-shaped profile for jewellery stand led, profile for cupboard led, profile for stair led and non-standard aluminum profile for led strip. They serve as covers for lighting boards from 8mm to 24mm.
aluminum profile for led strip

  Aluminum profile for led strip has good water proof and dust proof properties. Experiments show that its protective level reaches IP65. It displays strong corrosion resistance after being treated by electrostatic spray. It does not get scratched easily. Temperate gloss, smooth surface, even color and thin body make it attractive by outlook. The profile is usually made from reflective mirror aluminum sheet or embossed aluminum sheet of high purity. These sheets have high reflective rate, because brushed or embossed surface helps them to reflect light in a more effective way. Led strip aluminum profile gives off heat quickly, which spares it from long withstanding of high temperature and extends its service life. It’s usually of so scientific structure that it has stronger hardness than aluminum sheets of the same alloys. Some aluminum profiles for led strip have diverse usages. In addition to led lights, they match common lights as well.

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