What is extrusion anodizing aluminium sheet

Not only are our extrusion anodizing aluminium sheet and aluminum profiles of top quality, they will allow you to reduce the cost of your supply.

We are one of the trusted Aluminum casting suppliers and can consult with you and help design a custom Aluminum extrusion to your exact needs.

We stock a wide range of aluminium extrusions, for example: angle and channel profiles, aluminium tubing, round bar, flat bar etc.

An aluminum extrusion is a process used to transform aluminum alloy into different shapes and sizes in order to meet a certain product specification. Extrusions have a wide variety of uses and many every day products are made using extruded aluminum: pumps, motors, and toys.

In the aluminum and stainless steel industry, after the mill makes the die it is put into a press. Then the aluminum is pressed through the die to produce the shape needed. Once the product is produced, we cut the extrusion aluminium sheet to meet the customers required length.

Standard thicknesses including .040, .050, .063, .080, .090, .100, .125

Other thicknesses including quarter inch and thicker plates also in stock and available upon request

Common sign alloys including 5052-H38; 5052-H36; 3004-H38; 3105-H26; 3105-H18; 6061-T6

Other formable/bendable alloys including 3003-H14; 5052-H32 and many more upon request

Conversion coated aluminum blanks and aluminum sheets

Mill finish sheets also available

Painted sheets and blanks

Extruded aluminum street blades

Some advantages of aluminium extrusion sheets are:

Light weight


High thermal conductivity

Puts the metal precisely where it is needed

Reduces machining time

Reduces scrap

Better surface finish over cast product

Tight dimensional tolerances with minimal die reflection

Why choose us?

600,000 sq. ft facilities

State of the art equipment

Over 1000 employees

Annual production of 100,000 tons

12 extrusion presses

4 horizontal powder coating lines

Capable of producing lengths of mill finished material up to 44' long and 12'' wide

Capable of coating 42' long extrusions

Capable of anodizing 25' long extrusions

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