Sales of Aluminum Profile Doors from Physical Stores to Onlin

In recently years changes have occurred obviously or stealthily in the industry of aluminum profile doors. At a relative fair just closed, intelligent doors caught great attention with solid reasons, about which please refer to Doors and Windows of Aluminum Profiles from Traditional to Intelligent. Besides, visitors took much more interest in integrated companies with mature online sales system than in companies with pure join investment advertisement. This means the industry is experiencing another transformation: Its sales methods are becoming wider and richer from singular physical stores to online platforms, or the integrated combination of both.

Several aspects have contributed to such a change. First, administrations of big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong are taking harsher measures against illegal factories manufacturing aluminum profile doors, which led to closing of large numbers of factories. As a chain reaction, many manufacturers and physical store owners lost reliable buyers or suppliers. As a result, online platforms become a hopeful source. Manufacturers try to sell doors to store owners of mature online platforms, and the once owners of physical stores find out new business opportunity online. Second, online retailing of aluminum profile doors is becoming increasingly convenient at home and abroad. In China you can travel around the country with only a cell phone connected to Wechat or Alipay payment. Globally electrical payment can be made among almost all countries within minutes or days. What’s more, logistics network around the world is so powerful that people can have fresh vegetables and sea shells thousands of miles away within 24 hours after putting an order. Convenient payment and delivery make remote retailing of goods become possible, including that of aluminum profile doors.

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